LOVE IN A FOREIGN LAND - Moses and Hellen
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LOVE IN A FOREIGN LAND – Moses and Hellen

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Moses, a Kenyan, went to the USA to study and left his family in Kenya. Of course, it’s not easy to go away from what had been your life, your parents and friends. However, he did not know that years later, that move bear was the best gift in his entire life. After studying and working, he met this woman that he could not get off his mind, and her name was Hellen. The love was so big and it led to them planning to live the rest of their lives together. So they had to come to Kenya and have their destination wedding. The wedding was in the beautiful Thayu Farm


The groom was calm and collected. Now very flashy but looked great


The bride was on top of her game. She looked stunning in her simple wedding dress. The makeup was subtle and her hair dressed neatly.




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