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Something we should know about a photo shoot or a photo session is that it’s not just standing in front of a camera and smiling. It also involves some planning and should give room for creativity.

However, at most weddings we have covered or attended, the wedding photoshoot is not ideal for amazing photographs. This is because it’s planning is not good and not well thought of.

This article is to help you achieve maximum results on your wedding photoshoot. These are the things to consider not to take the session lightly:-

  • The photoshoot venue is paid for and most of them are not less than 15,000ksh with others as high as 100,000ksh.
  • Pictures taken on a photoshoot are the most important ones as they concentrate on the weds as it is their big day.
  • The session is more controlled with time to set light and poses the weds therefore images are well thought of and organized.
  • Most special people have their pictures taken in this session. The bridal party, best couple and close friends, etc.

Basically, the session should be given great weight and seriousness because it’s very important. This is how we think a photoshoot should be, to get the most out of it.

Get a good venue.

Having hired a good photographer and having beautiful dresses and suits, the venue cannot be left to chance. There is a saying in photography that states, “it’s not only about what is in focus but also what isn’t.” The venue is as important as the weds.

A good venue should have multiple sites to take photographs from. It should have diversity in texture and lighting whether it’s indoor or outdoor. A prior arrangement with the management should be done to have access to every beautiful site we desire to use and to have the freedom we need. So, the venue is a key factor in a good wedding photoshoot session.

Allocate enough time.

Time is a big factor in the outcome of a photoshoot. I suggest that a photo shoot should not be less than an hour. For this reason.

If you have multiple sites to photograph in, it will take time to set up and get creative. If the people being photographed are a number, that will also take time. We have trained ourselves to take amazing photographs in a short time but if we have more time, it would mean more amazing captures.

One way to avoid wastage of time is to have the venue close to the reception area or service venue to avoid long travel time. Another way is to have the photographer have a list of captures he wants where and with who. This is possible if the photographer had the opportunity to scout the venue before the wedding day which is advisable. Try it and you will see the difference.

Allocate it at the right time.

It’s not only allocating a lot of time but also having it at the right time. You can allocate for one hour but at 8 pm. Truth be told. At that time not much can be done to achieve the desires photographs.

The best time to have a photoshoot is between 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm. At this time we have the sun setting and it’s warm with a golden color shining from it. We call it the golden hour. The sun is not harsh or hard and so the outcome of the photographs is fantastic.

To have diversity, the session should have different sun positions. At 4.30 pm the light is different from the light at 5.30 pm and 6.30 pm and so forth. This is because the sun sets fast and the light is different every few minutes. Therefore, there will be diversity also in the pictures taken.

Have minimal people.

If the time is not enough because of the outcome of events or inconveniences, have minimal people who are to take part in the session. Just have the most important people come with you so that we have great pictures taken. These are the weds, best couple, and the bridal time. The rest will have their photographs taken during the reception or after church service. (Speaking from the context of a Christian African wedding)


Finally is preparation. Prior Proper Preparation Prevent Poor Performance. It’s not only the photographer’s job to take good pictures but also the bride and groom’s effort to achieve them. The photographer has also to prepare by visiting the venue and having an idea of what he or she is going to do to get the best pictures.

The more freedom you have with the photographer the better the outcome. That is why we suggest an engagement or couple shoot before the wedding day to break the ice. This session helps to know the strength and weaknesses of the couple in relation to them being photographed and to give the photographer the ability to adjust on how to work with their weaknesses and strengths. For example, the bride might be photogenic and the groom photophobic. The photographer will have a hard time if he notices that on the wedding day and so it’s better to know it earlier and he will have some ideas on how to help the groom blend in and get amazing pictures.

Hope the article was helpful. There are more factors to consider to get amazing pictures on a wedding photoshoot but to us, these are the main ones. Remember, photographs are memories that you will have as long as you live, about your wedding. The weight you put on your wedding photography will be seen by your children’s children years to come.

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