8 Notable Photographers From Kenya to Look Out For
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8 Notable Photographers From Kenya to Look Out For

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Sheila and Caleb - Thejcreative Studio

Kenyan photographers are among the most inspiring artists because they are always moving and putting a lot of effort into new and innovative projects. They urge us to adopt fresh perspectives on the world. Photography is a broad field that includes a variety of genres, including events, engagements, weddings, architecture, and portraiture. Here are eleven outstanding Kenyan photographers that you need to be aware of.

Njoroge Jonathan (@theafricandirector)

Njoroge Jonathan is a multitalented Creator. He is best known for his photography work, especially in weddings and Portraits. The is the Lead Creative of the well-known wedding and lifestyle Studio called TheJcreative Studio. He loves to travel and so you will see great landscape images on his feed and portfolio. His work includes directing commercial shoots both still shoots and video commercials. That is why he is known as the African director.

He is a firm believer in family and celebrating love. “These are the moments that make our work have meaning,” He always says.

8 Notable Photographers From Kenya to Look Out For

Sharon Kuria (@nonni_muthoni_)

Sharon is an individual full of life. If you buy the person, you will buy Sharon. She loves weddings and Portrait work putting the focus on natural light to express her creative work and tell her story. She is a Lead creative at Thejcreative Studio, the wedding and lifestyle studio based in Nairobi, Kenya. She also loves to travel and you can see her work on her landscape feed and get inspired.


Samir Dave (@SamDave69)

With a camera in hand, Samir is constantly seeking out sunrises and sunsets. He traverses the globe and captures some breathtaking and enchanted images. You will be captivated by your phone while browsing his fantastic Instagram feed and experiencing the globe through his pictures. On his website, he also blogs about his adventures and pictures.

Peter Irungu (@Irungu_)

Irungu is a Kenyan-based photographer and digital artist. He travels to different places in the country, and he takes incredible time-lapses, landscape, and travel photos. He is also part of the XiXo Collective which is a new content marketing collective representing the next generation of emerging “time lapsers”, photographers and designers.

8 Notable Photographers From Kenya to Look Out For

Mwangi Kirubi (@mwarv)

Mwangi uses his lens to change negative perceptions about Africa. He has documented Africa in a positive light and showcases the amazing continent. He takes to travel, portrait, and everyday photographs that rebrand Africa one click at a time. He also writes about his experiences and photography on his website.

Tatiana Karanja (@tatianakaranja)

Tatiana is a talented photographer who has loved the art form since she was a young child. She captures a variety of subjects in her superb images, including people, nature, travel, and food. She adores exploring new places, and her travel images are stunning. She occasionally shoots fashion and events as well.


Thandiwe Muriu (@thandiwemuriu)

Thandiwe is a brilliant Kenyan photographer who is passionate about showing the tones and textures that give beauty to faces in the world. Her work has been in different portraits, including Harper’s Bazaar, and she has won various awards. She takes great commercial, product, fashion, and portrait photography. She has a website and a YouTube channel where she teaches people different aspects of photography.

Dan Waiharo (@waiharo_dan)

Dan Waiharo, who calls himself “a photographer with soul,” produces some excellent travel and portrait photographs. He enjoyed hiking and traveling, but one of his regrets was not owning a camera. As a result, he purchased one and began photographing the natural beauty surrounding him.

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