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25 Wedding Tips Every Bride Should Know in 2023

Congrats! You’ve just been engaged and are excited to start preparing the big day’s details. Read this advice that every bride should know before you get overwhelmed by the options, expenditures, and endless possibilities.


1. Make a date! Make sure you give yourself enough time to prepare the details and coordinate vendors. A wedding checklist can assist you in keeping track of chores and deadlines.

2. Make a financial plan. Set a budget so you know what you’re up against right away.

3. Take into account the time of day. There may be a specific time of day that best suits your personality, party style, budget, or guest list.

4. Wedding Reception. It’s never too early to make a request and obtain a commitment.

5. Do some research on the vendors. Take a look at several local wedding magazines and the internet to see what’s available.6. Consult with others. Request advice from a few friends, as well as what they learned from organizing their own important day.


6. Ask around. Ask a few friends for their advice and what they learned from planning their own special day.

7. The people you care about. Make sure the individuals who matter to you understand how you want them to participate.

8. Think about the magnitude of your wedding. Is it going to be a big party or a small, intimate gathering?

9. Assistance is required. Family members inquiring how they may assist? Create an online list of useful chores and invite people to sign up and assist as needed.

10. Make a reservation ahead of time. Many venues are already booked months in advance. Make a small list and go see them as soon as feasible!

11. It’s a long way from here to there. Take into account the distance between the ceremony and the reception.

12. Have a backup plan. Is it possible to have the event outside? Take into account weather conditions and always have a “Plan B.”

13. “As is” is a lovely phrase. If interior design isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Find a lovely location that already has a look you like.

14. Use seasonal decorations. If you’re getting married around a holiday or other special occasion, make sure to inquire about how the venue will be adorned.

15. Food and beverages. Inquire about banquet permits and the requirements for an alcohol license. Don’t make any assumptions!

16. Take into account the flow of the space. You’ll want a place where you can easily mix and mingle with your guests.

17. Request referrals! Check with your venue for vendor recommendations, since they are likely to have worked effectively in the past.



List of Guests

18. Have a conversation about it. It’s an important discussion to have with your fianc√© early on. If you don’t set parameters, creating a guest list might become extremely difficult.

19. Do you have any overnight visitors? Consider how many out-of-town visitors you’ll need to accommodate.

20. Are there a lot of visitors from out of town? Consider organizing events for the weekend or a couple of days leading up to your big day so that they can meet new people and visit.

21. Talk about your family’s needs. Who do you want to be a part of the ceremony, reception, and so on? Set clear expectations right from the start.

22. Keep the drama to a minimum. Handle family conflicts gracefully. Have a chat with anyone who needs to be reminded to put their personal worries aside for a day.

23. Agents working undercover. It’s not unreasonable to “assign” a trusted friend to keep an eye on a guest who you’re concerned will become unruly.

24. Keep people informed. Create a wedding website where you may put crucial information for your guests.

Hotels are number 25. Setting up hotel options and blocking rooms for guests is always a good idea for the couple.


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